Notary in Israel

Notary in IsraelAdvocate Zeev Orzel is a certified notary in Israel since 1992 and qualified lawyer since 1977.

Our firm provides professional notary services quickly and efficiently.

Most of our notary certificates are provided on the same day (most immediately) while taking into account the needs of the customer.

Among the notary services we provide:

General Power of Attorney verification and / or specific.

Mortgage notarized signature verification (in a transaction of an apartment or real property).

Notarized translations.

Approval of a statement for a minor leaving the country.

Notarized wills.

A notarized prenuptial agreement before marriage.

Notarized approval of an affidavit.

Notarized life validation approval (life certificate(

A notarized copy approval of certificates and documents.

Any other document in accordance with the law.

It should be noted that the notary service rates are fixed by law.

The payment for notary services can be made in cash, by check or bank transfer.

The Ministry of justice issues the fixed rates of notary certificates by law.

We will be happy to assist you in any notary approval at sea.

What is a notary in Israel?

A notary in Israel is a lawyer qualified in accordance with the Notaries Law, 1976. (hereinafter – “Notaries Law”) to verify, confirm and edit various legal documents. The signature of the notary on the document, in cases governed by law, is considered by the court as confirmation of authenticity of the document, the identity of the seal and the fact that it was signed voluntarily of free will. Notarized documents are designed to be used as evidence in court and/or before other authorities, both in Israel and abroad.

How can someone become a notary in Israel?

To be eligible for the position of notary, one needs to be a certified lawyer and also a citizen of Israel and a member of the Bar Association for at least 10 years. He must not have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or suspended from Bar association. Then he needs to pass special training. (In the past the requirement was to be a practicing lawyer for 15 years , but today it has been reduced to 10 year.(

Moreover, he must be certified to serve as a notary by a committee appointed by the Department of Licensing Notaries – Ministry of Justice, which examines the documents of the candidates and their competency. In addition, he has to sign the book of Notaries in the Ministry of Justice to keep a sample signature and seal, and as of that date he is qualified to serve as notary in Israel .

The Notaries Law 1976 etails a  code of ethics to which the notaries are obliged.  These are strict rules due to the importance of the role. Breach of ethics is considered a disciplinary offense and the disciplinary court may impose disciplinary measures including :  license suspension, fines, reprimanded warning and revocation of the license in exceptional cases.

Our office strictly follows the instructions by law and performs the duties professionally.

What is a notary certified to perform?

According to Article 7 of the Notaries law the notary is certified to do the following:

Confirm that a particular person lives;

Verify signature on the document;

Confirm the accuracy of a translation of a document;

Confirm an exact copy of the document;

Receive and approve a declaration and any other statement or affidavit;

Confirm correctness of inventory;

Use the authority of a notary public in accordance with other laws;

Verify a signed prenuptial agreement before marriage.

According to inheritance law, a notary may confirm the making a will, and therefore qualified the notary to record “a will to authority” as a judge authorized it  without a need for witnesses.

And more…

What is an apostille?

To lend credibility to public documents in a foreign country, including various types of notary certificates, notarized document must pass a special certificate chain. First the  Ministry of Justice verifies the signature of the notary,  then Foreign Ministry verifies the signature of the Ministry of Justice. Finally the consulate of the relevant country –grants validity to the  document from that State.

Public documents are actually document issued by a state authority, such as a driver’s license, ID card, marriage and divorce documents, authentication certificate, birth certificate, disability certificate, a financial agreement, or any other official document issued by a state authorities.

Recognition of the validity of an official document of the country other than that which issued the certificate requires verification that indeed it is official, original and issued by the competent authority in that same country. This verification is within the competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, the documents are verified by a notary’s approval. The notary certificate itself is a public document that requires authentication. This document authentication of notary (and only this) is the authority of the legal courts.

In 1961 the Netherlands signed an international treaty eliminating the need for Foreign Public Documents authentication. The treaty states that instead of the cumbersome verifications chain we listed, the countries who are part of the treaty shall stamp a “certificate under the Convention”, called Apostille (APOSTILLE). Since Israel is a member of the treaty, the legal courts are the ones who validate notaries certificates designated for a foreign country also part of the treaty..

If one of the countries is not a member of the treaty, then the chain of validations mentioned earlier is necessary.

Who issues an Apostille and how to get it?

The Apostille is issued at the request of the notary who signed the certificate, or any other person who asked for it.

The Apostille certificate is recognized by the treaty as the only required verification and is satisfactory for the states which are part of the treaty. It is enough for the foreign country to recognize the legal validity of the accompanying documents from the country in which they were created.

Apostille can be obtained in the courts throughout the country.

Our office will be happy to advise you on any subject of the notary and apostille certificates.