Zeev Orzel – an English speaking lawyer in Israel

English speaking lawyer in Israellooking for an English speaking lawyer in Israel ?

Zeev Orzel Attorneys at law employs more than one English speaking attorney available to help you in their own field of expertise. Our lawyers conduct business and communicate with people from around the globe in fluent and clear English.

Although Hebrew is the official language in Israel, English is learnt from an early stage at school. Never the less, to master English at a professional level and being able to help foreigners is a whole different ball game.

Hiring or consulting with a lawyer who is fluent in both Hebrew and English ensures you fully understand all the legal implications of any contract, law or legal document in Israel.

The advantage of an English Speaking Lawyer in Israel

lawyer than speaks English and hebrewLegal matters are no joke in any country. One word can change the meaning of a contract and can make or break the deal. Having an English speaking lawyer in your corner is crucial when dealing with legal matters in Israel.
A simple transaction can go wrong only due to the language barrier. But, when an English speaking lawyer who knows his way around the law in Israel communicates with people in English it’s a much smoother ride, not to mention being able to provide you with local legal services.

Some information on the profile of our firm:
We deal with civil/commercial affairs only – ergo no criminal cases. Our fields of expertise are real estate transactions, inheritance in Israel and wills. We also  provide a full range of notary services including but not only certified translations of legal and any other documents from Hebrew to English and vice versa. Read here for more details on notary in Israel.
Zeev orzel attorneys at law are based in Bat-Yam in proximity to Tel Aviv ( a 5 minute ride). The firm has over 35 years of professional experience.

English speakers, both in Israel and overseas, are able to trust that our law firm will represent their legal and commercial interest, locally and internationally, with a full and thorough knowledge of the legal proceedings and requirements. This ability grants our clients the assurance that our lawyers will always look after the their affaris and will be able to explain and conduct the entire legal process fully in English.

Why do I need a lawyer in Israel?

Perhaps you don’t, but there comes a time in life where legal issues arise and need to be dealt with. This can happen when moving to Israel, travelling or living in Israel or just having some business in Israel. In such cases it’s a good idea to get in touch with an Israeli lawyer that speaks English.

The Israeli lawyer association

Lawyers in Israel are obliged to have a membership of the Israel Bar Association (IBA) in order to become a lawyer in Israel one must study at an academic facility and get an LLB. This usually takes 3.5 to 4 years. After that there must be an official training year of internship. Only after finishing the internship year can a person take the IBA test that certifies them as lawyers in Israel. The IBA holds the Bar Exam twice a year.

Israeli law

The legal system in Israel is based in common law and contains parts of civil law. Having Britain as a ruler before 1948 has left its mark on the legal system and laws. Some laws in Israel are still from the British period.  In addition, Influence on the Israeli law include Ottoman, German civil law, religious (both Jewish Halakha and Muslim Sharia) for family law and as said the British common law.

English speaking lawyer in Israel